Stability of physical and mental health is a key concern that senior citizens have to contend with as they go through their twilight years. The human body is a system that wears out with long and repetitive use; and quite easily, with neglect and abuse. Aging is a life-cycle stage where the human capacity to think, act, relate, and learn starts to falter and deteriorate. Aging breeds illnesses such as loss of memory, immobility, organ failure and poor vision. These are critical dysfunctions that could sideline a senior citizen to a lonely and miserable life.

Possessing sustainable financial capacity before, during, and after the inception of a senior status is both a basic problem and an elusive dream for most people. This financial dilemma is common among senior citizens who are usually relegated to an abject position of economic inactivity. Lack or absence of financial capacity creates a stressful life and invites the entry of problems other than physical and mental health issues. Shayona Care Services (SCS) is striving hard to land a essential support by all means to the senior citizens who are passing through aforesaid situation. Taking care of them with full of empathy is the service mantra of Team SCS. Bringing smile and happiness on their face is the joy moment of Team SCS. I am feeling proud to be a part of Team SCS for one of most noble service known to human being.